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In 2010, women between the ages of 40 and 64 were the largest age demographic in America.

Quotes from viewers of INVISIBLE WOMEN

Robert Altman, director
“It’s noble, inspiring…very well done.”

Susan Stamburg, NPR news
“The film is very well-done, carefully and handsomely edited and full of important Information. It addresses such an important issue.”

Susan Sarandon, actress
“I want to be a part of this film. I wouldn’t have missed it.”

Nancy Jackson, Development Director for the College of Liberal Arts-KU Endowment
“We need more women in film and television production. And women do need to use their power as consumers to begin to transform, literally, the way we see ourselves as we age!”

Larry Gelbart, writer
“A warning to us all: wherever there are invisible women, invisible men are sure to follow.”

Mike Nichols
“ Right on the money!.”

Ken Dychtwald, writer/psychologist
“My wife, Maddy, and I watched it over the weekend and were truly impressed and honored to play a part in such an important production.”

Peggy Northrop, Editor in Chief, MORE Magazine
“I had a chance to view your documentary over the holiday and thought it was AWESOME - moving, challenging, convincing and inspiring all at once. "

Blythe Danner, Emmy-winning actress
"INVISIBLE WOMEN is wonderful. I think it's great how you assembled all those terrific women together....You've done a great service to us gals of a certain age. Thanks and congratulations. I'm spreading the word."

Bonnie Bruckheimer, Producer
“Looked at your documentary and it is terrific.”

Dr. Martha Lauzen, Professor of Communications, San Diego State University
“It clearly articulates the problem through the well-paced integration of personal stories, clips and facts.

John Kander, composer
“INVISIBLE WOMEN is a sophisticated and much-needed documentary about a rarely discussed subject that affects thousands of women in the industry.”

Betty Garrett
"I don't know where producers and the media get the idea that people over 40 won't watch people over forty. Women should never become invisible."

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